Clinics and Services

In addition to dealing with acute illness, we aim to manage chronic conditions and prevent disease. Our specialist practice nurses work alongside the doctors to provide a range of review appointments to help manage a number of long term illnesses.

Our services include:

Sexual Health and Contraception/Family Planning

A range of confidential advice and services including emergency contraception is available by appointment with the doctor or nurse.

Please request an appointment with the practice or complete a contraceptive pill review.

Please see the leaflet for further information about alternative methods of contraception, especially about Long Acting Reversible Methods where you don’t need to remember a pill every day.

Please see the iCaSH service in Oak Street can provide all of the available methods, and appointments can be booked directly with them.

You can contact iCASH if you are concerned you may have contracted an STI.

The practice also has a supply of self-test kits for chlamydia which are available free on request.

Cervical Screening

Our nurses are fully experienced in providing cervical screening services. Please request an appointment with the practice to discuss this with a healthcare professional.

Maternity Care

Antenatal care is shared between the doctor and the community midwife. Pre-pregnancy advice is also available from the doctor, midwife or health visitor to anyone considering starting a family.

Child Health Screening

All the doctors are qualified to assess child development.

Checks are carried out at fixed ages and these are done by the Health Visitor or the doctor. NHS Norfolk will advise you when the checks are due, but if you have any concerns regarding your child’s health, please see the health visitor or the doctor. The surgery can advise you of the contact telephone number of the health visitor.

Childhood Immunisations

We provide a full range of immunisations.

Minor Surgery

Minor operations and joint injections are completed by doctors at each surgery.

Flu Vaccination Clinics

All patients over 65 years and younger patients, who are at special risk, are offered ‘flu immunisation each autumn. Please ask at the surgery for more information.

Pneumonia Vaccination Clinics

Pneumonia vaccine is available to those aged over 65 years and in at risk groups.

Shingles Vaccines

We will be offering this vaccination for the first time to those aged 71 and 79, there is currently a national shortage of vaccine. We will contact eligible patients when we have sufficient vaccine.

Chronic Disease Management

We provide other specialist clinics and appointments run by specialist nurses working together with the doctor.

These include:

  • Diabetic services
  • Asthma services
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease (COPD) services
  • Chronic Heart Disease (CHPD) services
  • Rheumatology monitoring.

Private Services

Some medical services are not covered by the NHS, for example insurance and employment reports and medicals, DVLA medicals and solicitors reports. For these services a charge will be made.

Travel Clinic

The Castle partnership is now able to offer its patients an up to date and reliable travel service. This includes travel advice, vaccines that are generally available within the scope of the NHS e.g. tetanus, diphtheria , polio, hepatitis A and Typhoid, as well as vaccines that are not available free on the NHS e.g. Japanese B encephalitis, Rabies and private prescription for malaria chemoprophylaxis. Please note for these vaccines, there will be a charge. Our travel fees can be found here.

We are also a Registered Yellow Fever Center, so we are able to offer this vaccination and assistance with I.C.V.P queries.

We generally require 8 weeks notice before travel, but we do understand at times urgent short notice travel may happen so please contact the surgery for an appointment and wherever possible we will try to help you.

Please note at present, the travel services are offered for all Gurney patients and Tuckswood patients from the Mile End Road branch surgery. We also offer some Saturday appointments.