In Times of Bereavement

If death occurs at home:

  • Telephone the doctor; he or she will advise of next steps to take.
  • Contact the Funeral Director.
  • Collect the death certificate from the surgery (please telephone first so that it will be ready).

If death occurs at the hospital:

  • Contact the Funeral Director to inform them that their services will be needed.

In all cases of death:

  • Take the death certificate to the registrar’s office for the area the death occurred. Also take the deceased medical card and birth certificate, if available.
  • Take the green form (Certificate for Burial or Cremation) to the Funeral Director who will take over the organisation of the funeral.

The Government Website provides a range of helpful information.

  • Registering a death
  • What to do after a death
  • Benefits, property and money
  • Wills and probate.